Kettlebell Reverse Fly
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This exercise is designed to target the muscles in you upper back and scapula.  The reverse fly will also work a number of supporting muscles like your shoulders, triceps, core, and quads to name a few when preforming from the push up position.
Hold a solid push up position with out arching your back.  Position your hands below your shoulders and with the kettlebell in one hand start reaching your hand from the floor to the ceiling.  Try to keep your arm locked and the kettlebell out.  Focus on pulling or creating the movement from your back, between your shoulder blades.  You will feel the tension run through the back of your shoulders and triceps as you try to keep your arm locked out.  Watch the kettlebell to help keep it balanced and at the top the bottom of the kettlebell should be facing the ceiling.  Don't sag your hips here, tighten your obliques to keep your hips up.  Now keeping your arm locked slow and controlled bring the kettlebell back to the ground the same way, and repeat.
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