Who is Rich Graham?
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Former Navy SEAL, Richard Graham, is the founder of Trident Fitness, LLC. After entering the Navy in 2000, Rich served over six years fighting for this great country before obtaining a medical condition that forced him to leave the Navy. While in the Navy, Rich came to realize that the military community was strongly focused on optimum fitness and leadership across a wide spectrum, which planted the seed for what would later become Trident Fitness.

Rich then took the knowledge gained as an athlete and special ops operator and geared it toward personal development and fitness. This is when Trident Fitness and Navy SEAL Kettlebells was born. Since 2007, he has trained professional athletes, Olympic trials competitors, MMA fighters, and children of all sports and fitness levels. Rich has a very simple and practical approach to his training techniques that make his training easy to grasp and fun to learn, regardless of your fitness level or training goals.

In addition to personal fitness, Rich has also supplied training to the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (M.A.T.O.A.) as their military tactics advisor. He has run courses on tactical pistol training, along with instructing advanced sniper courses for SWAT Teams. Through these programs he has successfully trained various SWAT Teams, Troopers, US Marshalls, and other branches of law enforcement, along with civilians.

Following his time in the Navy, Rich organized a cross-country bike ride across the USA in an effort to help raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (S.O.W.F.), in which they raised over $70 thousand dollars. Trident Fitness continues this work by donating a portion of all product sales to charities like the S.O.W.F.