What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Paypal Account Payments.

How do I pay by Credit Card?

Once you have completed the Check out Process by clicking "Confirm Order. Look towards the Right, Paypal gives you the option to pay with your credit card if you do not have a Paypal account.


Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from this store?

No, you are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase from this store. Although if you already have a PayPal account you may use it.

How secure is this store?

This store uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

What is a kettlebell?

Kettlebells which originated in Russia, is a cast iron "cannonball" shaped weight with a handle attached to it. The unique shape and weight of a kettlebell offers a challenging workout for the user by engaging muscles in the entire body. The weight of the kettlebell is not directly in your hand, creating another lever, making your body have to adjust and compensate to the off-center of gravity.  Kettlebells, are totally different than traditional weightlifting. Traditional weightlifting is based in a bodybuilding frameset, targeting one muscle at a time, while kettlebell training revolves around practical, functional and tactical strength thru dynamic movements.

kettlebells offers 3-in-1 training: strength, cardio, and endurance simultaneously.!!!!

Who trains with NAVY SEAL kettlebells?

Anybody who wants to develop functional strength. The list of people that train with kettlebells include; NAVY SEALS and other elite armed forces, MMA fighters, runners, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts alike. NAVY SEAL kettlebell training offers benefits that no other form of exercise can match. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a Navy Seal or just someone looking to lose a few pounds and tone-up kettlebell training is for you. NAVY SEAL Kettlbell training is perfect for busy professionals and mothers with little free time. By simultaneously developing strength, cardio and core strength a person can get unparalleled results in as little as 10 minutes.

What does a NAVY SEAL kettlebell workout consist of?

The NAVY SEAL kettlebell workout program targets the entire body, working on 3 levels of fitness simultaneously for optimum results in minimum time. NAVY SEAL Kettlebell workouts consist of dynamic ballistic movements that are performed in constant state of motion. The Kettlebell is not only lifted but pulled, pushed and swung creating a wide range of motion with endless opportunities. The benefits of this type of training include; increased strength, muscle toning, balance, coordination and flexibility, increased conditioning/stamina, enhanced metabolism/fat loss, and cardiovascular health.

Is it dangerous to train with kettlebells?

Any exercise from push-ups to dead lifts can be dangerous if performed incorrectly. With NAVY SEAL Kettlebells, Rich Graham, takes you step-by-step on how to perform every exercise correctly as he would in a personal training session. Most importantly you will learn what not to do. Because it is our belief of "quality not quantity". Kettlebells performed correctly will actually prevent injuries, increasing your quality of life and enhance your fitness level.

Do women use kettlebells?

Yes, absolutely. Any gender, age and fitness level can benefit greatly from adding a kettlebell training regimen to their program. Due to the dynamic 3-in-1 (strength, cardio, emdurance) training you are able to burn fat, build and tone muscle, and increase endurance and flexibility simultaneously.

Is Rich Graham Really a Navy Seal?

Yes, he graduated from Bud/s Class 236 in Oct. 2001

Can civilians attend the tactical training courses?

Yes, unless stated “for Law Enforcement only” or “Closed/Private.” Many of the courses we run have LEO’s and civilians training side by side.

Why does TriTac host courses for LEO’s that civilians can’t attend; are you training the Police to attack civilians?

No, not in any way shape or form!  We do closed courses with LEO’s when a department buys all spots available from the start.  We can only train a certain number of students at a time.
Also, some agencies practice in pairs and/or teams.  In these cases, we work them through scenarios as a unit.

Can women attend the tactical training courses?

Yes, we encourage women to take advantage of our training courses and become as confident and self-empowered as any man out there.

I don’t have a gun or ammo, does TriTac supply them?

No, students are responsible for providing their own firearms, ammo, and training equipment unless specifically stated otherwise in a course description.

Is it necessary to have prior firearms experience before attending a TriTac course? Or are the courses open to beginners?

Each student must have a prior basic understanding of how to safely operate the functions of their firearm, for their own safety and the safety of the other students.  With that being said, any firearms training is always helpful but not necessary prior to attend our courses.