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TriFit Health powered by Truestar!

Trident Fitness has partnered with the worlds leading health assessment program, Truestar Health which allows us to provide in-depth personalized profiles for our clients.  In our quest to create Full Spectrum Warriors, the mind and body are the foundation.  If our mind and body breaks down, other aspects of our life will eventually crumble as well.

Create your profile today and receive customized profiles in the categories listed below.   You can also sign up for our 90 day health challenge and get a chance to win over $175,000 in prizes including Truestar’s top-rated vitamins, exotic trips and cash


Diet & Nutrition

Diet & NutritionYour diet is one of the key foundations of your overall health.  That is why TriFit Health uses Truestar's online Nutrition Program, which contains over 17,000 recipes customized just for you.  We have access to meal plans for a wide variety of eating habits including gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian. You can also use the online “Food Trakker” to keep a daily account of what you eat.  

Any athlete, martial artist, or average person trying to shed some weight needs to have a solid diet.  If you don’t know how, we will take the time to show you.  Sign up today, get started and allow your body to get the nutrients and benefits it’s been craving


Vitamin Profiler

It is a known fact that our food quality has diminished drastically over the years.  With our busy lifestyle, it’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need daily.  Now you can discover Truestar’s cutting edge personal vitamin and supplement profiling system to determine the best possible vitamins and supplements for you, based on your health history and current goals.

Truestar provides Top-rated, Award-Winning Vitamins and Supplements.  In fact, Truestar is only one of three companies sold in North America to receive the Gold Standard Rating from The Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements!  See how your vitamins stack up, complete your vitamin profile and see what you really need.


Exercise & Yoga Routines

Exercise, strength and flexibility are essential to keeping your body moving effectively.  We must always move through the world smoothly and with ease.  TriFit Health provides programs from fat loss to increasing muscle mass and our 17,000 plus exercise programs will take you seamlessly from one phase to the next.   Truestar offers thousands of programs for children, adults and seniors.  You can also choose a sport and create a customized training program based on your style of training.
Flexibility is a well-overlooked part of men’s training regimes, but it should not be.  Whether you’re a beginner or expert, we have yoga sequences you can follow, or you can build your own library of custom yoga workouts


Attitude & Goal Setting Tools

Whether it’s training to become a Navy SEAL, or just trying to make it through life, your attitude is your most important asset!  Without a positive attitude, everything else falls apart.  Nothing good will happen and no forward movement will occur with a negative mindset.   Even when you feel you are making progress with a negative attitude, it will be short lived because your energy is moving in the wrong direction. 

TriFit Health uses Truestar’s Attitude Program to help you feel and be a better person through an easy to use, interactive goal-setting program. Included are a daily life-improvement checklist, meditation CDs, stress-reducing tips and more.  Discover the 12 daily success habits that can help you thrive in your life and career. 

See what direction you’re heading in today and test out the attitude checklist for yourself


Sleep & Recovery Tips

We often operate our body in overdrive until it crashes.  This is not normal, but in our society, it has almost become a way of life.  Lack of sleep hinders our recovery time, increases stress and creates massive amounts of free radicals in our body.

The Truestar Sleep Program uses a profiling system to help teach people how to sleep better. It provides information on sleep disorders, natural sleep aids and other sleep-related topics.  You can also keep a record of your nightly sleep to analyze potential disruptive sleep patterns.

Start getting the rest your body needs tonight!

Online Encyclopedia

No more searching the Internet for remedies and aliments.  With TriFit Health, Truestar provides an A to Z Index of Health Conditions for you to gather and study.  This program outlines and defines the ailment, gives dietary suggestions for holistic remedies, supplement recommendations, along with what not to do or eat.  This program will provide you with the information necessary to try a holistic health approach if you are trying to avoid loading up on more medications. 

Look up a condition that is bothering you currently and learn something new. 

Kids Programs

Health is not an option—it is every child’s birthright.  With an estimated 17.6 million overweight children under the age of five, the time for change is now! The statistics on the growing trend of obesity are alarming.  Truestar Kids offers a variety of personalized "kid-friendly" meal plans, individual recommendations for our award-winning vitamins and minerals, dynamic exercise programs and much more, designed for the appropriate age of your child. 

Nothing is more rewarding than watching your child grow up strong and healthy!  The great thing about these programs is they empower you to build a healthier, stronger, and happier relationship with your children as you improve your quality of live together. 

So get started today and impact your family in a positive way! 

Take the 90-Day Fitness Challenge!

Take the 90-Day Fitness Challenge! 

If you are excited about all the information you have read above and are planning on making a change in your life for the better, take advantage of the TriFit Health Challenge!  It utilizes the above categories to map out a precise game plan for your success.   All you have to do is follow through!

The only thing better than getting in shape, and achieving optimal wellness, is getting paid and/or rewarded to do so!  Sign up today for 1 of 5 different challenges:

•    Strength & Muscle Gain
•    Weight Loss
•    Energy
•    Optimal Wellness
•    Healthy Aging

There are over $175, 000 in prizes to be won, including free products, vacations and cash.  The grand prize is set at $100,000 cash!!!  So what are you waiting for?  Get started already!